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Become part of the Rally Championship and win prices on the JSECommunity!  

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Do you think you are the best driver and or coordinator? Do you think you will win this contest? Create your own team and challenge the other teams in the JSEC Rally Championship on GTA Online PS4.


  • Race team name and logo, if you want to use the GTA livery dm the event managers
  • Create a social media account where you promote your own race team.
  • One has to be in the JSECommunity. The second can join with the driver or co-pilot and creates an account in the community.


  • No condemnation
  • No weapons (After on purpose blow-ups your team will be disqualified)
  • Fair play 
  • No other vehicle is allowed then the shown vehicle, you have to show in advance which cars you are using before you are going to race with it!
  • Have fun


2 reviews for Rally championship

  1. KeizerV12 avatar


    sounds good!

  2. DutchEliteUnit avatar


    Looking forwards to the result of Aurebandit!

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